Full Load/Part Load Trailer Services

Full Load Part Load Trailer Services to and from Austria including movement of Hazardous Goods and waste products.

Services Available

  1. Exports/imports to Europe including shipments to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and France
  1. Full and Part Load shipments by road with driver accompanied and unaccompanied services.
  1. Shipments of hazardous goods, including hazardous chemicals. Knowledge of laws governed under ADR.
  1. Client Security measures such as sealing trailers, secure parking can be catered for.
  1. Access to various sized vehicles from small vans to mega trailers.
  1. Accounts with various ferry/Eurotunnel operators depending on final destinations. Main routes include Dover/Calais, Hull/Zebruger and Harwich/Holland. Other routes are available.
  1. Additional all risk insurance can be arranged upon request. Goods transported under CMR liability.
  1. Licence for carrying waste products into Europe for the recycling industry

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