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European Groupage Services

Eurofrachts trailer freight groupage services are consolidated in Manchester and offer the following:

      1. Exports/imports to Europe including shipments to Germany, exports to Austria, freight to Switzerland, imports from Italy, deliveries to Spain and goods to France.
      2. Shipments of Hazardous Goods, including hazardous chemicals, knowledge of laws governed under ADR.
      3. Driver accompanied and unaccompanied services.
      4. Accounts with various Ferry Operators/Eurotunnel depending on final destinations.

Express Services

Express Deliveries to Europe within 24-48 hours including:

Express Transit to Germany, Benelux (24 hours)

Express Transit to Switzerland, Austria (48 hours)

Haz Chem trained drivers available.

Freight Management

Although Eurofracht is competitive on price it realises that not all work can be won at this level. The experience and knowledge gained by the directors enables the company to work with those customers who cannot be won on price alone. We are able to offer a Total Management Package which allows customers to release valuable staff to concentrate on their own business and leaving their shipping requirements to Eurofracht. In addition to the express services we can offer to ship out of gauge movements, deliveries to exhibitions or home deliveries. All of these services are totally managed by the team and progress reports are sent as a matter of course. Eurofracht are confident that they will use their expertise and commitment to service to meet the customers requirements.