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About Us

The Customer is King!

Price will always be the main factor when sending goods but increasingly customers look for added value to help them make the final decision. Quality of service is an area of added value that Eurofracht prides itself on and there are several ways in which this benefits the customer.

No hierarchy

Everything at Eurofracht is run by the team of directors meaning that key decisions can be made quickly, efficiently and without having to battle with a complicated management structure.


Every job is different and every client's needs are taken into account whether container shipping, groupage to europe or express delivery services, to make sure they receive a service that suits their particular requirement.

Problem solving

No job is perceived as being a problem. Problems are seen as challenges and the more challenging a job the more the team at Eurofracht enjoys it.

Thanks to the level of expertise around the table it can liaise quickly and provide a workable solution or a viable alternative.


Each and every order is checked on delivery to ensure customer requirements are met. If problems do arise, these can be dealt with up front and with a planned solution. Eurofracht prides itself on the level of repeat business and their reliability is often cited as a reason why.

Photograph of the Eurofracht team hard at work Photograph of a fork lift truck loading a lorry